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CANVS AI Passes the Turing-Style test on Emotional Classification

Canvs AI, the leading emotion measurement technology company, is excited to announce its milestone achievement of passing a Turing-style test for the task of emotional classification in a specific domain. This test establishes that Canvs AI is as good as a human in recognizing and categorizing emotions in short text form for those in the media and entertainment industry.

The test was conducted by Dr. Sam Hui, the prominent Chief Data Scientist at Canvs AI and winner of numerous awards naming him a “potential leader” of the next generation of marketing academics. Hui explains that Canvs AI’s patented technology can exhibit the equivalent amount of empathy regarding a consumers’ motivation for behavioral consumption as human marketing analysts and researchers can. The biggest difference between Canvs AI and human raters is time. Canvs AI can tabulate the data in a fraction of the time it takes its human counterparts. This time-saving ability allows clients to use more in-depth open-ended surveys leading to a more thorough assessment of their consumers’ behavioral data.

Dr. Hui’s test indicates that an individual demonstrates the same degree of agreement with the categorization done by the Canvs AI platform as that completed by a human rater. As Dr. Hui stated, “Canvs is proven to be as good as human judgement for identifying and classifying emotions expressed in open-ended survey responses in the media industry. In terms of emotional tagging, Canvs displays the same level of inter-rater agreement as that between two independent human raters.” Additionally, Canvs touts a database system of human curation over the past 3 years. The system refinement process over years has only finessed Canvs AI’s ability to provide seamless results to its human counterparts. These findings demonstrate the high accuracy rate of Canvs AI’s patented semantic technology for market researchers, further cementing it as the industry standard in measuring emotion.

Demonstrations of the Canvs platform can be scheduled at https://www.canvs.ai/demo.

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